Horse Addicts
All horse lovers welcome.
My website is mainly about horses. You'll learn so much here. Here is a little bit about my history with horses. When I was about 12 months I rode my first horse.(with my mom on the back) I don't really remember that far back but when I was two I fell in love with horses. I knew from then on that I was gunna ride horses for a hobby. I didn.t really get to do that until I was about 10. I really love horses and I don't think that, that particular part of my life is ever gunna change. I can't wait to see what my future bring with horses.
This website won't only have stuff about horses but some fun things to do play and watch. I made this website for fellow horse fans. I really hope everyone who looks at my site will find something they like. I hope you find something to your intrest. Weather you're a crazy horse loon. Or you just want some entertainment you'll enjoy my site.
Love this video!